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Arthur David, Hillside Farm

Bishop Sutton, Bristol

Arthur David supply us with our fruit and vegetables.  They pride themselves in contributing to the local economy by using local farms, many of whom are accredited to the red tractor scheme or are accredited by the soil association as organic. They regularly visit their fields to follow the progress of their crops and ensure high standards are being followed.

Ruby & White Butchers

Whiteladies Road, Clifton, Bristol

The award winning butchers supply us with our Beef and Chicken. All the meat delivered to us from Ruby & White is free range and can be traced right back to the farm which have been certified by the RSPCA. The butchers support traditional and sustainable farming methods and only work with farmers who are interested in producing a consistently high standard product that is ethical, sustainable and has outstanding flavour.

Toveys Seafood

Stapleton Road, Bristol

An independent fishmongers in Bristol since 1935.  They have been delivering their MSC accredited fresh fish to Sally Walker from when she started in 1988.

Cheddar Water


Cheddar Natural Spring Water is extracted from the source of our spring within the intricate cave network of the Mendip hills at Cheddar, Somerset.

Herberts Bakery

Picton Street, Bristol

Herberts supply us with our bread, baguettes, rolls & speciality rolls.  They also provide us with many organic products. Herberts bakery have been in business for over 40 years, bringing together traditional hand crafted techniques with the best equipment modern technology can offer.

The Great Cake Company


The Great Cake Comapny are a small, family business specialising in delicious, gluten-free treats that can be enjoyed by everyone. Their cakes are sumptuously rich and lovingly hand-baked on a Somerset farm just outside Bath.

Chapple & Jenkins


Ferrantes Chilled Food


Ferrantes Chilled Foods is an independent, family-owned food wholesalers, established in Bristol in 1986.

Charles Saunders Food Service

Albert Road, Bristol

Disposable packaging, from boxes to napkins are supplied to us by Charles Saunders.  The products we source are ideally from recycled materials and where this isn’t possible we ensure the paper products are FSC certified.