Environmental Policy 2019-05-28T06:57:46+00:00
  • We have successfully halved the amount for rubbish we create each week. In March 2017 we changed our general bin collections, which are picked up by Suez and they use it at their energy from waste depots to produce electricity to homes throughout Bristol, that will help to displace fossil fuels
  • The food waste we produce is collected and processed in Avonmouth to produce fertiliser or soil conditioner. The paper, cardboard, glass & plastic is all collected by the same vehicle and is processed in Bristol.
  • The amount of electricity we use has been successfully reduced by implementing the following strategies’; Planning the use of the oven each day to ensure the oven and extractor is on for the minimum amount of time. The fridge we use for the prepared food is turned off when the deliveries are complete each day, therefore it is off for at least 50 % of the day.
  • We have changed from paper plates to a fibre that is a waste product from the sugar cane industry. Clients placing larger orders are encouraged to use china platters this reduces the amount of cardboard we produce.
  • When discussing menus we try and encourage clients to order less meat from the menu to help to reduce the environmental issues the meat & dairy industry creates. We also have ethical sandwiches that use organic ingredients.
  • The van routes are carefully planned to reduce any unnecessary miles, collections and deliveries are coordinated.  To reduce our emissions we upgraded one of our vans to the lowest emission diesel Peugeot partner, it reduces the harmful pollutants and green house gases. The electric van was the preference however the current infrastructure wasn’t mature enough to allow us to multi drop around Bristol. When there are enough charging points we very much hope our next van will be an electric one.